Wild Planet was created in January 2008 as a soft toy division for theme parks of the company Karma, Lda.

In October 2012, after our first international fair and due to the increase in the volume business, we took the decision to upgrade the soft toy business and the company, Wild Planet, Lda., was created in May 2013.
Wild Planet starts to design and develop its own products and registers its two main brands, Orbys®, cartoon animals with big eyes and bright colors and All About Nature®, real life like animals.

We have available in permanent stock, more than 600 different items that are sold in more than 50 countries in the most varied distribution channels, from online sales, specialized retail, theme parks, large consumption, promotions and company mascots.

All soft toys are made by hand with materials of 1st quality and super soft to the touch and are available for production in plush, key ring, magnet, pen, pillow, slippers, handbag and backpack.
They are tested according to the latest European standards in order to guarantee safety for those who buy and use them.
We use as raw materials, polyester, recycled polyester with GRS certification, cotton and organic cotton with GOTS certification so that we can please all types of consumers with the best price / quality ratio.

We hope you enjoy and have as much fun with them as we like to design and manufacture them.

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